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Empowering Mansfield's Business Community with Knowledge

The "Educate" section of the Mansfield Chamber of Commerce's website is your premier resource for industry-leading insights, educational materials, and practical knowledge to elevate your business acumen. Our commitment to fostering a thriving, informed business community in Mansfield is at the core of our mission.

Here, you will find an extensive repository of webinars, articles, how-to guides, and resources covering an array of topics pertinent to business success in today's evolving market. From mastering sales strategies, improving leadership skills, to understanding digital marketing trends, and embracing personal development - our content is designed to empower every entrepreneur, business owner, and professional in Mansfield.

Dive in and explore our "Educate" platform, because at Mansfield Chamber of Commerce, we believe that the growth of our businesses mirrors the growth of our community. It's time to arm yourself with the knowledge you need to transform challenges into opportunities and accelerate your business growth.

Courses offered in Chamber University:

Personal Development:  The Power of Purpose, Promote Employee Engagement, Intention Planning, Personal Development, Powerful Goals, Enneagram, The Role of the Subconscious Mind, EGO, Work Life Balance, Being Assertive, Forgiveness, Reframing and People Skills

Sales & Marketing:  Marketing Your Message, How to Network, The Most Important Sales Skill, The Basics of Marketing, Pitch is Poison, Relationship Selling, Attraction Marketing, Abundance, Neuro Linguistic Programming, The Sales Cycle, Pain Points, Define Products and Services, Social Media

Leadership & Management:  Leadership, Managing for Results, You the Coach, Managing Change, Grow Your Business, Pillars of Success, Law of the Farm, Find the Right People, Organizational Behavior and Reducing Customer Churn

Think & Grow the Course - based on the philosophies of Napoleon Hills book Think and Grow Rich.  8 Lessons

All include video course plus workbook


Available to all members of the chamber through your member login

Success Alliance

The Success Alliance  It's a learning opportunity, an exchange of thoughts to spark that "lightbulb" moment - that inspiration which brings all the pieces together and changes your life!

Our discussions are based off of the book "The Law of Success" by Napoleon Hill.   Come join the conversation, we'd love to have you!

Happens: Weekly

We Come to You

Training Delivered On-Site at your facility with just your team.  We have multiple courses to choose from however we can also customize to mee your specific needs.

Happens:  When you need it

Marketing Your Message (1)

Marketing Your Message a workshop highly recommended for all new partners to the chamber because MARKETING is a key component to making money in business!  This workshop is online and is a 3 part video series.  Make sure you watch it and let's grow your business!

Happens: Quarterly

Chamber Chat Mayor Michael Evans (1)

Chamber Chat is a conversation about someone's journey and their pearls of wisdom they've gathered along the way.  Entertaining, informative and a learning experience.

Happens: Quarterly

Copy of Just Listed

Situational Leadership The role of the Situational Leader is to provide whatever it takes—goals, direction, training, support, feedback, and recognition—to develop employees' skills, motivation, and confidence to excel. The result is an organization where people feel more empowered, engaged, and open to new challenges.

Happens: Annually

Master Class

The Master Class is an opportunity to learn from a panel of local experts in their field.

Happens: Annually

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