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88th Legislative Success Summary

The Mansfield Chamber Celebrates Success in 88th Texas Legislative Session

This year's legislative session in Texas has been intense, with a record 8,046 bills filed during the regular 140-day period. Following two special sessions, it's time to reflect on the Chamber's advocacy triumphs and the passage of laws in line with our legislative goals.


The Mansfield Chamber's state legislative agenda is designed to foster and enhance the overall well-being and prosperity of the Texas economy. It aims to sustain the current economic success of our state and region by crafting robust policies that provide the essential tools, talent, infrastructure, and healthcare systems for economic and communal growth. These policy priorities are intentionally wide-ranging, aiming to represent the voice, vision, and interests of our diverse chamber members, their businesses, employees, and clients.

Additional Workforce & Education
HB 1595

HB 1595 – Texas University Fund (Bill Carriers: Bonnen & Huffman)

Elected from our Community who co-sponsored – Sen. West

HB 1595 Redesignates the National Research University Fund as the Texas University Fund and offers performance-based funding for research institutions. This redesignation will allow universities to accelerate their progress in fulfilling the Building a Talent Strong Texas program that was established by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

Signed by Governor, if HJR 3 is approved by voters, will take effect 01-01-2024.

HB 2575
HB 2060
HB 4363
HB 2294
Additional Economic Development
HB 3447


HB 3447 – Texas Space Commission (Bill Carriers: Bonnen & Huffman)

Elected from our Community who co-sponsored – Sen. West

HB 3447 Establishes the Texas Space Commission and Texas Aerospace Research and Space Economy Consortium to leverage state resources on major space-related initiatives and fosters continued investment in the state's space economy. With NASA and other space-related associations gaining more economic impact, it’s important to ensure that Texas continues to lead the way in space exploration.

Signed by Governor, effective 09-01-2023.

HB 5174
Additional Infrastructure
HB 2230


HB 2230 – Extends Proposition 1 (Bill Carriers: Canales & Nichols)

HB 2230 Enhances transportation funding by extending Proposition 1 allocations of oil and gas severance taxes to the State Highway Fund from 2034 to 2042 as established by voters in 2014. This proposition is of high importance to the continued improvement of Texas infrastructure and will aid in further economic growth in the state.

Signed by Governor, effective 09-01-2023.

Additional Health & Wellbeing
HB 2100



HB 2100 – Mental Health Professionals Loan Repayment (Bill Carriers: Price & Schwertner)

Elected from our Community who co-sponsored – Sen. West

HB 2100 Expands loan repayment assistance to mental health professionals who provide services either to patients in a state hospital or to individuals receiving community-based mental health services from a local mental health authority. With mental health being of immense importance to our workforce, incentivizing more individuals to become mental health professionals will help expand the programs in Texas and create an even more productive workforce.

Signed by Governor, effective 09-01-2023.

SB 25
SB 26
SB 840
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