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The Marketing Team

Marketing for not-so-big companies.

For the needs (and budgets) of small businesses.


We know it doesn't make financial sense to hire a full-time seasoned marketing person or to spend the big bucks on fancy marketing agencies.  The problem is you still need to attract customers.

This is where we come in.  We offer the basic services from coaching (so you can do it yourself) to outsourced marketing programs.

You can grow your business without blowing the bank.

What we offer:

  • Message Development
  • Keywords / Website Optimization
  • Video / Photography
  • Social Media
  • Podcast and Audio content



so, what do we charge?

We know that the money usually comes right out of small business owners' pockets, so we've identified the services that are the most efficient way to boost your business.  We can even help you do it yourself if that's what you want.

We also know you may not need everything so, we have hourly rates as well as monthly packages if you want us to do it for you.

Pricing runs from $120 - $500 a month.


Chris Genseer

Empathy Marketing Group


Our wordsmith, guru!  Chris has a special knack for taking all those words rumbling around in your head and putting them succinctly together that makes YOU want to buy your product or service.  Seriously!  He brings clarity to your message and is StoryBrand Certified.

Jonathan Taylor

Taylormade Consulting


Our Google expert and Google certified.  He knows how to get you SEEN in the search engines and he's got a wide depth of experience in websites and graphic design.  That message has to have a place to live!  Jonathan's company is also skilled in graphics and logos which you'll need .... everywhere!


Glenda Beckwith

Drone Production Group and Alexander Photography


Our photographer and videographer expert.  A long-time professional.  She knows how to tell the visual story of your message!  Video is important because telling stories is how we sell and video is how we connect to emotions.


Steve Cosio

Podcast Mansfield Recording Studio


Our audio and podcast expert.  It becomes about the content and this is Steve's area.  We know that information is remembered more when image and audio complement each other.  Steve can make you sound awesome!


Sonia Salazar

Wyse Media Group


Our social media expert.  Where do you put the video, the blog, the podcast all that content?  Sonia knows and she knows all about the analytics, she loves to analyze the results and makes great recommendations to keep you visible!


Ready to find out more?

Initial consultations are always free.

Not sure what you need?  Don't worry - We'll help you develop an effective marketing plan to fit your budget and business.

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