• It Pays to be a Member!

  • In addition to our on-going efforts in the areas of Advocacy for Pro-Business Issues, Connecting our Members and getting them plugged in to the community and providing Business Educational opportunities, The Mansfield Area Chamber works hard to assemble business to business offerings that help our members through cost-saving business to business deals.

    Our philosophy is to create programs that benefit everyone!  Our partnership programs are "revenue share programs" which means that a portion of the revenue generated is given back to the Chamber providing a source of non-dues revenue.  

    Each of these cost-saving benefits are included in your Mansfield Area Chamber membership!  


  • A Free, 60-minute strategy session and you'll have more clarity on your company's message!

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  • Chamber members now have access to TCCEA benefits including reduced electricity rates.

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  • We are going to offer them a $100 credit towards an Initiation Fee (completely covers the Lifestyle ONE Initiation Fee) 


    We are going to give them $25/month in Food & Beverage Credits for their first 6 months

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    Chamber Members Receive 3 Months Free

    HomePro is the premier provider of home security, entertainment and control systems.


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  • Offering group rates, specifically designed to help small businesses provide access to concierge-level service at a fraction of the cost of health insurance.

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  • ViaScan Chamber Member Discount CLICK HERE!


    Mansfield Chamber of Commerce’s leadership has decided to provide you with ViaScan’s most popular scan. Our Wellness Body Scan!
    Password: Chamber2020

    The Wellness Body Scan produces high-quality imagery of your major organs and gives us an insight into the following:

    • Heart – early detection of heart plaque can prevent help prevent heart attacks or need for surgery
    • Lungs – early detection of lung cancer, emphysema, and bronchitis
    • Liver – early detection of cancer, fatty liver, and cirrhosis
    • Pancreas – early detection of cancer and inflammation (pancreatitis)
    • Spleen – early detection of cancer and enlargement
    • Kidneys – early detection of cancer and kidney stones
    • Abdominal Aorta – aneurysm and calcium plaque
    • Reproductive organs:
      • Females – uterus/ovaries
      • Males – prostate/testicles
    • Bladder – early detection of cancer and bladder stones