• Nestle Toll House Cafe

    Dec 30, 2019

    Please join us in welcoming Nestle Toll House Cafe/Smoothie Factory to The Mansfield Area Chamber of Commerce.  Stay tuned for their rescheduled Ribbon Cutting coming this summer.  

  • "Charlie Williams and his wife, Sharonda Williams, are the franchisees of the newest Nestle Toll House Café by Chip location in Mansfield.  Sharonda had visited a Nestle Toll Cafe by Chip location and pretty soon decided they wanted to franchise with the brand.  “She fell in love with the cookies immediately, and we know all of our guests will too,” Charlie Williams said. “We’re really excited to open our second café in Mansfield, and we look forward to opening more cafés in the future.”


    Alongside handcrafted coffee drinks, the cafe offers baked cookies, customized cookie cakes and a wide assortment of baked confections. Food items like wraps, flatbreads and panini sandwiches, as well as sweet and savory crepes are also available at the cafe.

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    What began with the Toll House® chocolate chip cookie has grown into a dessert concept that knows no bounds. But what is it about this cookie that captivates us so much?  Glimpsed on a busy street or nibbling and sharing, Nestlé® Toll House® cookies make hearts beat faster, bring back a flood of memories, and dare the consumer to explore the possibilities our cafes have to offer.  For us dessert created with a passion for life and endless imagination is more than a sweet temptation - it's a state of mind, an intriguing place, an experience that can take you on a journey."