• Mar 10, 2020

    Please join us in welcoming JourneyMed Direct Primary Care to The Mansfield Area Chamber of Commerce.  Stay tuned for their rescheduled Ribbon Cutting coming this summer.  

  • JourneyMed Direct Primary Care is a nurse practitioner owned and operated, full spectrum family practice that is 100% mobile. We function exactly like a regular family practice, except in your home or office. We do not accept insurance, instead we use what is called the “direct primary care” model.

    Direct primary care (DPC) is a movement among primary care providers as a response to the current climate of artificially inflated healthcare pricing due to insurance companies.
    Most have heard of concierge medicine, but DPC offers a solution that is affordable for everyone. For less than the price of your cell phone bill, you can have guaranteed access to your provider; same day or next day appointments; and a relationship with your provider that fosters trust, communication, and teamwork. DPC enables you to communicate with your provider easily and often.
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  • By not accepting insurance, we are able to lower our overhead costs from billing & administrative personnel and focus on what matters most - patient care.