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    Mansfield Connects

    Objective – “How can we help you?”

    To create and promote “super connectors” people who are the movers and shakers so well connected they can make things happen with a single phone call. They’re the people making high-
    level connections, colliding business worlds, and building empires with a simple introduction.

    Super connectors are known both inside and outside their industries and their magnetism attracts ever more contacts to fill up their digital and social Rolodexes.

    It’s about having a sincere desire to help your network and connect great people together, with no direct benefit for yourself.

    We will challenge connectors to:

    • Give and serve without selling or promoting themselves and without expectation for receiving anything in return
    • To be inquisitive of every contact and focus on learning about them and their needs
    • To properly fill their toolbox with skilled professionals as resources
    • To make introductions based on the needs of both parties

    On the 1st Friday of each month an Educational Program – presentation of information or tool that is applicable to all businesses or
    professionals that can be implemented immediately.  Registration is a must if you'd like to eat lunch with us, cost is $10 pp.  If lunch isn't on your plan, come join us anyway!

    On the 3rd Friday of each month, Connection Time – everyone that attends will have an opportunity to "connect" - from 3:30 to 4:30 PM, come end your day with us!

    This group meets the first Friday of every month at the Chamber from 11:30 - 1:00 PM. Registration is a must! You can do this online through our event calendar.